Water-Based Pure Essential Oils is False Marketing

Water-Based Pure Essential Oils is False Marketing
6 December, 2020

An essential oil is the pure essence of a plant extracted in the form of oil; and oil does not mix with water.

The only way an essential oil can be water-soluble is by adding solubizers or emulsifiers - like adding detergent to your greasy plates so that the oil mixes with the water. So a water-based solution can never be a pure essential oil.

Besides being impure, these water-based solutions contain only tiny amounts of pure essential oils, since it takes large amounts of additives and water to make it water soluble - just as it takes a lot of detergent and water to wash an oily plate.

The word "Aromatherapy" denotes some form of therapy. Water-based solutions simply do not contain sufficient amounts of pure essential oils to be therapeutic.

100% pure and natural essential oils have been scientifically proven to be effective against a variety of ailments. Yet, few people can testify to the effectiveness of using essential oils, simply because they have been using fragrance oils instead, believing them to be essential oils.

The so-called "water-based essential oils" are considered cheap because they contain a chemistry set of solubizers, emulsifiers and/or synthesised essences that are far from pure or natural. However, without the desired therapy, it would be far cheaper just to buy air fresheners.

So if you have ever wondered why your "essential oils" do not help with your headaches, rheumatism, cellulite, PMS, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, perhaps it's time to look into genuine 100% pure and natural essential oils.

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